Oil & Gas

Equipment used:

TIMA - Mineral Analyzer

The TESCAN TIMA is based either on MIRA Schottky field emission or VEGA thermal emission scanning electron microscope. Special VEGA column design...


Oil & Gas is a specific field of applied geology combining methodical approaches of economic and structural geology with methods of mineralogy, paleontology and sedimentology. The scanning electron microscopy is being deployed for reservoir rock characterization from many viewpoints. It can be the mineralogical point of view to assess the composition of mineral grains and binding cement.  The SEM also allows to identify fossils as a paleontological tool. The SEM combined with focused ion beam technique assists geologists to evaluate the porosity of bituminous matter in gas shales and thus its economic potential.

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TESCAN proudly introduces the Q-PHASE, a multimodal holographic microscope (MHM).  With this instrument TESCAN expands into the field of advanced light microscopy.

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