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A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode intended for both - for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations.


The detection and identification of Gunshot Residue (GSR) particles on a suspect’s body or an object have always provided important information in investigation and determinant evidence for presentation in court. Well established GSR analysis techniques are based on the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and an energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analyzer. TESCAN TRACE GSR is an automatic Gunshot Residue analysis package which combines a TESCAN SEM, Bruker EDX analyzer and classification software. The high level of integration between the SEM and the EDX analyzer allows the EDX system to be used just to acquire a spectrum of the particles and consequently speed up the whole process of GSR analysis.

GSR particles are produced when a firearm is discharged. The discharge results in a cloud of gas and particles that are released into the environment and deposited surfaces within a few meters of the firearm. The source of these particles includes the combustion of the primer and propellant, the casing and surface of the projectile and surfaces of the firearm such as the inside of the barrel. The goal is to identify a number of GSR particles on a suspect or at a crime scene that would be considered above a background level. 


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Variation in the composition of detected GSR particles can provide additional information beyond just the finding of a positive result for the test.Particles containing lead, barium and antimony are considered to be highly specific to gunshot residue. Lead-free ammunition can produce particles of different compositions such as titanium and zinc that can be considered specific to gunshot residue. TESCAN TRACE GSR is based on a 4-step wizard which simplifies the routine of software set-up and analysis to obtain fast and reliable results.

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The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer. TIMA, a fully automated, high throughput, analytical scanning electron microscope is designed specifically for the mining and minerals processing industry. The TIMA solution will address applications such as Mineral Liberation Analysis,TESCAN, a world leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations has introduced the TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer.

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