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A fully PC controlled SEM with conventional tungsten heated cathode intended for both - for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations.


Microbial biofilms have been playing a major role in infection process, disease spreading and resistance to antibiotics. Uncontrolled microbial contamination is a common cause of rejection of biomedical devices such as plastic catheters, prosthetic implants and medical devices. High resolution imaging of the microbial surface using SEM helps to better understand the morphology of microbial populations, bacteria communication and the biofilm formation. TESCAN SEMs help scientists visualize biofilms on different materials with high focal depth and resolution. The microbial biofilms can be observed in the environment-like conditions either using our variable pressure options or using the Cryo-SEM adaptation. For scientists interested in the ultrastructure features of individual bacteria, we offer ultrahigh resolution SEMs, which are specifically designed to provide the unprecedented subnanometer resolution at very low accelerating voltages.

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Microbial colony on a dental implant. Conditions: 5 kV, SE detector.

Individual microbes.
Conditions: 5 kV, SE detector.


Cyanobacteria.                                Conditions: 10kV, SE detector.


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The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer. TIMA, a fully automated, high throughput, analytical scanning electron microscope is designed specifically for the mining and minerals processing industry. The TIMA solution will address applications such as Mineral Liberation Analysis,TESCAN, a world leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations has introduced the TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer.

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