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A fully PC controlled FE SEM intended for both – for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free...


Electron microscopy plays an integral role in research and development of new drug formulations. Structure, particle size, porosity and contaminants change the final activity of the drug. TESCAN SEMs are perfect and reliable tools for quality control of new preparations providing high resolution and high currents for elemental analysis. Together with our dedicated EasySEM and EasyEDX software options it transforms our system in an easy to use instrument for routine quality control.  Nowadays, a lot of research effort has been devoted to the development of sophisticated drug micro and nano-carriers for controlled release and targeted delivery. These substances are often based on polymer chemistry, are often sensitive to the electron beam. For these purposes TESCAN FEG-SEMs provide the highest resolution imaging even at low accelerating voltages. For samples that cannot be prepared using standard methods or sputter coated with metals, users can take advantage of the variable pressure mode UniVac. Using the Peltier cooling stage and Water Vapor Inlet System researchers can monitor dynamic processes such as crystallization or dissolution of the substance.

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Pharmaceutical substance.

Pharmaceutical substance.

Polymer micro-carriers

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Analysis of tramadol drug morphology.

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TESCAN proudly introduces the Q-PHASE, a multimodal holographic microscope (MHM).  With this instrument TESCAN expands into the field of advanced light microscopy.

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