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A fully PC controlled FE SEM intended for both – for high vacuum as well as for low vacuum operations. Outstanding optical properties, flicker-free...


Subcellular analysis provides information hidden under the surface of cells and tissue. Typically this area of research has been a domain of transmission electron microscopy. However, SEM technology has becoming more popular in this field, due to emerging techniques available in SEM. TESCAN offers two major solutions for scientists interested in the subcellular investigations of biological samples. First approach involves incorporation of a removable STEM detector inside our SEM chamber, thus transforming any TESCAN SEM into a TEM instrument. STEM detector is compatible with standard grids routinely used in TEM microscopes and capable of achieving resolution down to 0.8 nm at 30kV. This is well suited for majority of histological and research tasks such as gold immunolabeling and identification of contrasted organelles in the standard TEM preparations. However, compared to a standard TEM, it still gives the user all functions of a fully equipped SEM instrument.

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Gold antibody immunostaining. Conditions: 25kV, STEM detector

Cyanobacteria.                 Conditions: 30kV, STEM detector

Another approach for visualizing intracellular features is using FIB-SEM instrumentation. This technique combines two beam, electron and ion in one instrument. SEM column provides high resolution imaging, while FIB column can cut the observed sample. Using the system, users can make crossections, which is ideal for inspecting tissue and material boundaries, microbial biofilms, and subcellular features. By serial sectioning, one can easily produce 3D tomographic data. In this setup, thin slices of sample are milling away using the ion beam, while each fresh surface is imaged using BSE and SE detectors. The slices are then reconstructed into a 3D model of analyzed area in the Tomography Advanced software package.


3D reconstruction of yeast cells.

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