Leasing Options

TESCAN FINANCIAL SERVICES has been established for our North American customers when funding is not readily available, but the need for instrumentation is immediate. Our leasing arm can provide leasing solutions to industry, academia and the government sector.

This program benefits companies and institutions in the following situations:

  • Electron Microscopists who need lab and production equipment and currently lack the cash and/or liquidity to make capital purchases
  • Large companies with frozen or delayed capital budgets
  • Start-ups who want to spread the cost of purchase over several years as they begin to realize significant revenue and cost savings
  • Research departments with a temporary need for an instrument

TESCAN Financial Services offers two primary methods for customers to easily and efficiently source TESCAN Scanning Electron Microscopes and Focused Ion Beam Workstations.They are as follows:

  • Lease to Own: Fixed payments, modest initial cash outlay, with a $1 buyout option at the end of the lease. With this leasing option we can offer 24 to 60 month terms.
  • Operating Lease: This is a fixed schedule of payments which gives the customer the option to purchase or return the equipment at the end of the term. Under this scenario payments can be expensed (not part of capital budget), and we can provide flexible end-of-rental options

TESCAN USA can be creative with respect to individual situations and in some cases provide approvals in less than 24 hours. Contact sales if you need a leasing quotation. All leases are subject to a background credit check prior to final approval.

Product Focus


TESCAN proudly introduces the Q-PHASE, a multimodal holographic microscope (MHM).  With this instrument TESCAN expands into the field of advanced light microscopy.

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