RISE Microscopy

World's first fully-integrated Scanning Electron Microscope and Raman Imaging.

RISE Microscopy is a novel correlative microscopy technique that combines SEM and confocal Raman Imaging. Through Raman Imaging and Scanning Electron Microscopy ultra-structural surface properties can be linked to molecular compound information.

RISE Microscopy on graphene. Left: SEM image of a graphene sample. Middle: Color-coded confocal Raman image. The colors display the graphene layers and wrinkles. Image parameters: 20 μm x 20 μm, 150 x 150 pixels = 22,500 spectra, integration time: 0.05 s/spectrum. Right: SEM image overlaid with the confocal Raman image.

The RISE Microscope combines all features of a stand-alone TESCAN SEM and the confocal Raman imaging microscope within one instrument:

  • Quick and convenient switching between SEM and Raman measurement
  • Automated sample transfer from one measuring position to the other
  • Integrated software interface for user-friendly measurement control
  • Correlation of the measurement results and image overlay
  • No compromise in SEM and Raman imaging capabilities
Scanning Electron Microscope (MAIA3) with fully integrated Raman imaging

Raman-SEM image overlay of a hamster brain tissue sample. Color-coded Raman image parameters: Green: White brain matter; Red: Gray brain matter; 100 µm x 100 µm, 300 x 300 pixels = 90,000 spectra, 50 ms integration time per spectrum.

Raman-SEM image overlay of a gallium arsenide (GaAs) sample. Color-coded Raman image parameters: Yellow: Gold substrate; Red: GaAs; Blue: Residues from production; 50 µm x 50 µm, 300 x 300 pixels = 90,000 spectra, 34 ms integartion time per spectrum.












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The TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer. TIMA, a fully automated, high throughput, analytical scanning electron microscope is designed specifically for the mining and minerals processing industry. The TIMA solution will address applications such as Mineral Liberation Analysis,TESCAN, a world leading manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes and focused ion beam workstations has introduced the TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer.

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